Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Haven't Done on My Summer Vacation

Dear Readers,

I stopped officially working three weeks into May, and my brain activity has slowed nearly to a halt. It took me eight hours today to write 1,000 words for the State of Design Festival in Melbourne. Oy.

That said, I'm not super sad about it. I'm in Detroit at the moment, spending most of the day in the pool. My skin is pink, which is as close as I get to a tan. I haven't worn shoes today. So there's that.

I also had a really great interview in NYC last week for a position teaching design at NYU, which is pretty cool. If I get it I will likely be teaching Typography I and II; there are a few other courses they seemed keen on getting me to teach as well, like 2D Principles and Design Theory. Exciting stuff as I've always suspected I might like teaching, mostly because I really like critiques.

The next day I swung by Barbara Glauber's studio, Heavy Meta. I'm a huge fan of hers, so I was very excited when she invited me to lunch. We chatted and I showed her my work, and we shared tales of being sturdy people from "the rust belt". It's really refreshing to see a strong woman who's so successful in design. I still see the field as being dominated by white men, although perhaps just white people in particular. The world of type seems a bit more global to me, but perhaps that is because it's a smaller world, with a smaller pool of uber-creatives.

In other news we got iPhones this week, which was been really exciting and has made me slowly check Twitter more often. I'm feeling like I've been missing out!

Going to Chicago in the morning for a few days, then off to NYC for the long haul on Saturday. Stay tuned.

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